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With a few thrift store treasures and some basic sewing skills, you can create original one of a kind additions to your wardrobe, unique gifts, beautiful handbags, adorable hats or anything else that tickles your fancy.
I love hitting up my local thrift stores looking for treasures. They are fun to explore and often help spawn new ideas and inspiration for projects. Reusing once loved goods is one more way to help our planet stay clean. When thrifting always make sure to bring along a friend, the more eyes the merrier!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

My love of knits

I made this dress about 3 years ago from old t-shirts that I collected from friends and family. It was a tedious process but fun none the less. The whole thing was pieced together on my dress form and all of the black and white rosettes were stitched by hand. I made this piece for a class I was taking at the time and never really intended on it to be worn aside from the student fashion show it was in.
This is the bottom portion obviously. I had wanted to make enough rosettes to fully encircle the hem edge but it was taking so long to make them that I ran out of time. The cut out side of the dress is held together with t-shirt strips made from crochet.
The top reads Detroit across my heart which was where I was attending school at the time. Anyway, I love it for it's gaudiness and it gave me an opportunity to really get to know my serger. It was very time consuming but I loved working with the fabric choice. It was a great way to recycle old t-shirts that were destined for the dump and I can never pass up free materials!!

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