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With a few thrift store treasures and some basic sewing skills, you can create original one of a kind additions to your wardrobe, unique gifts, beautiful handbags, adorable hats or anything else that tickles your fancy.
I love hitting up my local thrift stores looking for treasures. They are fun to explore and often help spawn new ideas and inspiration for projects. Reusing once loved goods is one more way to help our planet stay clean. When thrifting always make sure to bring along a friend, the more eyes the merrier!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Latest Creations

 These are my clutches, they look kind of small here but are about twice the size of the wallets below.

The inside of the off white/floral clutch has two sipper pouches inside for storing make-up, art supplies or whatever else fits.

I originally used Hefty freezer bags as pockets which were cheap but also made the bags look cheap too! So I decided to not use them after this. But I liked the idea so I found pencil bags as a replacement and they are more durable and attractive now.

These are the wallets, no two will ever be the same and all have a large snap closure on the back side. They are good for holding check books, eyeglasses, pens and pencils.

These wallets have matching coin purses.

More coin purses, I liked these ones because they all have fun appliqued colored circles and  re-purposed-vintage buttons from my Grandma in Laws collection, RIP Grandma Tootsie!!

Then of course, more tote bags!!

Craftamoungus 2012

Wow,  I am always surprised by how fast time slips by. Currently I have been  working on more bags for a craft fair which took place last weekend. I am thankful I was able to make it out because I had some sort of Plague for 2 weeks prior to the show, still working on feeling better!! Thanks to everyone who came out to support all the local artists!!