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With a few thrift store treasures and some basic sewing skills, you can create original one of a kind additions to your wardrobe, unique gifts, beautiful handbags, adorable hats or anything else that tickles your fancy.
I love hitting up my local thrift stores looking for treasures. They are fun to explore and often help spawn new ideas and inspiration for projects. Reusing once loved goods is one more way to help our planet stay clean. When thrifting always make sure to bring along a friend, the more eyes the merrier!


Friday, October 8, 2010


OK, so these are some costumes I have made but not from recycled materials.

Several years ago I was into belly dancing and thus made all of my dance outfits. Not all of them are here but I will eventually get around to posting the rest of them as I go through my photo collection.

This silver belt shows the front view on the left and the back view on the right. It was all hand beaded and has a matching bra top, alas I need to get a picture of it still.

This was a Halloween costume I made for myself (Little Red Riding Hood)

Home Grown Handbags

As a side project I reclaim upholstery samples that are destined for the dump to create these one of a kind recycled handbags.